The Phoenix Project of Iran would like you to share your views with us so that we can bring the future economic, political, social, technical, and legal system together with each other.

The Phoenix Project of Iran has been registered as an independent body of academics, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, strategists and other intellectuals. We are determined to plan and carry out specialized studies in a multidisciplinary manner on all political, economic, environmental and technical aspects related to Iran.

The poll is designed to estimate the human and economic capital of the Iranian population in the diaspora that could return to Iran after the end of the Islamic Republic.

The survey contains 48 questions and it will take no more than 5 minutes to complete, and your answers give us the opportunity to design the future of Iran after the end of the Islamic Republic.

We are the Phoenix Project of Iran and do not belong to any government or political entity.

Transparency and continuity are the highest and most important basis for our research.

This poll is done anonymously and your identity can not be tracked.

Please do not share any personal information with us.

Questions marked with * are mandatory.

After completing your response, please press the “Submit” button.

To conduct the survey on the restoration of Iran, please follow this link: