1. First organizational steps towards the “Proclamation of Existence” of the organization as a Non –Profit entity
  2. Weekly organizational meetings and follow-ups
  3. Press Conference on PPI’s proclamation of Existence” on Feb. 22nd, 2019, Washington DC
  4. (Pre-event organizational meetings and publications and distribution of articles in Social Media, Invitation of members of the Press to participate in the event, broadcasting of press releases explaining the policies and goals of the Phoenix Project as a think-Tank
  5. Development of Opinion Polling and distribution to Social Media regarding the Flooding of February-March 2019, processing of results and publishing of results on the corporation Website, Social Medias and other Venues
  6. Development, distribution, processing and publication, of results on the “Civil Disobedience” Poll
  7. Organization and implementation of the “First International Phoenix Project Conference” in Toronto, Canada
  8. “Redditus” Public polling regarding the return of Iranian expats and publication of Results
  9. Re-organization of PPI Management System as Phoenix 2, Meetings, revision of By-Laws and Organizational Structure
  10. Implementation pf Phoenix 2 organization concept, Election of new members of the Board of Directors, Development of the Scientific Advisory Committee
  11. Development, distribution, , processing and publication of results on the “Caspian Sea Legal Convention” Poll
  12. Development, distribution, processing and publication of results on the second polling on “Civil Disobedience” after the public protests of September 2019
  13. Editorial activities and Publications and dissemination of numerous articles on PPI website in Farsi and English
  14. Continuous presence and publications in Social Media including Tweeter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Telegram