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Together for the Future


Since the advent of Islamist rule in 1979, Iran’s political nature has hindered implementation of national policies based on technical expertise, scientific reference and serious researched-based evaluation of Iran’s social and economic development needs and requirements. This practice has had consequential effect on Iran’s economy, industry, infrastructure, social development, natural resources and its environment — seriously hampering the aspiration of generations of Iranians.

The systematic marginalization of Iran’s academic, expert and scientific communities away from Iran’s policy-making infrastructure, for the past four decades, has had momentous effect on every aspect of life for Iran’s citizenry.

While the broad consensus, in all democratic societies, is that good policy is based on informed, fact-based expertise and real data, Islamist governance in Iran devises its national policies based on ideological dogma resulting in paralysis and serious across-the-board setbacks.

Standing together as one community of forward thinking Iranian technical experts, engineers, environmentalists, legal scholars, medical experts, scientists and energy experts, all respected leaders in our fields and committed to rigorous scientific research, we find our role as essential and mission-critical to return prosperity, progress and modernity as the path forward for the future for Iran.

For the first time in Iran’s history, Qoqnoos – Phoenix Project of Iran seeks to bring together serious subject matter experts, scholars and scientists, from thirteen disciplines to forge innovative solutions to Iran’s challenges. The project will aspire to facilitate the open sharing of information and to advance the role of expertise, scholarly know-how and science in the development and pluralization of the political and democratic process in Iran.

Qoqnoos – Phoenix Project of Iran will assist subject matter experts better engage in Iran’s transition towards social, economic, industrial and political modernity by fostering two-way dialogues, building relationships, and facilitating interactions through, and with, the media, the public, and pluralistic groups.

Moreover, Qoqnoos – Phoenix Project of Iran will seek to empower Iranians by offering them the tools and knowledge to measure and assess the performance of policies, so that accountability can be exercised on policy makers and the political process: A critical two-way dialogue which is a required necessity for a democratic Iran.