Eng. Mehrdad Rahbar is a member of the Coordinating Committee and spokesperson for the Phoenix Academy & Education division, a member of the urban planning group and the coordinator of Arts & Culture subdivision.

Mehrdad was born in Iran and moved to Canada in his teens. He studied Architecture and earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Architecture from McGill University in Canada, specializing in Community Development and Affordable Housing. He has more than twenty years of experience in housing and town planning, especially for low-income and indigenous people in Canada and government agencies. Rahbar is also the recipient of the number of Historic Restoration awards, housing for low-income and community design in British Columbia, Canada.

In addition to his professional activities in Design and Land Development, he is a celebrated artist who installed two major public art sculptures in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His most recent sculpture by the title of “When Women Rise” is installed at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus in 2018. As a painter, he exhibited his works in Canada and the United States.