Dr. Siavosh Moshfegh Hamedani is a member of the Coordinating Committee and Executive Committee and Treasurer of the Iran Phoenix Project as well as the Coordinator of the “Industrial Production” group.

Dr. Hamedani is a physicist specializing in optics and lasers. He received his doctorate in physics from the University of Rome, Italy in 1971. He also received a Ph.D. in Atomic and Molecular physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1976 under the supervision of Professor Emeritus Ali Javan, inventor of the first gas laser. After graduating from MIT, he returned to Iran at the invitation of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran to conduct research in the areas of laser fusion and laser isotope separation and supervised and implemented several projects at the Tehran Nuclear Research Center; where he exhibited the first Iranian-made laser. He was the editor of the Iranian Journal of Physics and a professor of physics at the Aryamahr University of Technology and the National University of Iran. Dr. Hamedani has published numerous research articles in international journals.

Dr. Moshafegh Hamedani stayed in Iran after the 1979 revolution and served as a consultant to the Iranian Air Force (IAF)  during the Iran-Iraq war to develop efficient and safe methods of using laser-guided bombs on IAF F-4 fighters. In 1984 he was forced to leave Iran, and after a year as Assistant Professor of physics at the University of Western Kentucky, he founded his own laser company, Laseronics Inc. in Los Angeles, California, to use laser beams in industrial applications. As managing director of the company, he studied new ways to use lasers as a rapid manufacturing tool and developed technologies for using laser beams for cutting, drilling, welding, and marking materials and components in industrial, commercial and aerospace applications.

In 2005, Dr. Hamedani joined the Scientific Applications and Research Associates (SARA), Inc. to pursue his research interests in high-energy lasers for military and industrial applications. He recently joined Raytheon, Inc. in Los Angeles as “Principal Systems Engineer” to continue his research on the development of “HEL” technology for military and aerospace applications.