Dr. Eddie (Fardad) Forouzan is the Vice President and a member of Coordinating and Executive Committees of the Phoenix Project as well as a member of the “Agriculture” and “Energy” research groups.

He was born in Tehran, Iran and left his home country in 1983 in his teenage years. Upon entering the United States he continued his study, completing high school after which in 1988, he received a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from the Skidmore located in upstate New York. In 1990, He received a master’s degree in polymer chemistry from Clark University in Massachusetts and a PhD in electrochemistry from the same university in 1992. His doctoral dissertation is “Research on the Electrochemical Function of Gallium Arsenide Semiconductor in Potassium Selenid Solutions”.

After receiving his Ph.D. Fardad Forouzan completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Texas at Austin for three years. He has published many research articles in prestigious scientific journals and is a well-known lecturer in his specialized field.

Fardad Forouzan’s expertise includes the practical development of power generation systems, storage and consumption of electricity for military industrial applications, electric cars, and aerospace as well as stationary power applications. His other experience include production, operation and quality assurance of industrial production equipment.

Dr. Forouzan is the CEO of ARTIN Engineering and Consulting Group since 2009. The company specializes in “Testing and Issuing International Standards Certification”. He also heads the International Standards Review Group for Lithium Battery Safety Standards.