COVID-19 has affected the entire world, however, it could have unquestionably become more catastrophic without the ongoing efforts and self-sacrifice of doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, dozens of Iranian health workers have given their lives. Many more have been deprived of their families as they spend almost all of their time tending to the affected people. Even if they get a chance to spend some time at home they have to keep physical distance from their loved ones because of the necessary COVID-19 protocols.

The wellbeing of patients require the full sacrifice and efforts of the medical community. The Iranian medical community is understaffed when dealing with this pandemic, however, they have been nothing but heroic in fighting this battle.

The Iranian medical community, in harmony with their peers from all around the world, have been chanting: We’re in the hospitals for you; stay home for us!

Those citizens who stayed home during the Persian New Year festivity, Nowruz, and have continually deprived themselves of their family’s companionship during this traditionally festive time, have played a major role in maintaining their own health and that of others. Self-quarantine and social distancing have helped minimize the huge burden that has been placed on the shoulders of the country’s health care staff.

Self-quarantine and social distancing, even during “Sizdah Bedar”, the 13th day of Nowruz, must continue until this pandemic gets under control.

Project Phoenix is grateful to the doctors, nurses and hospital staff in Iran. We sincerely hope that this deadly crisis comes to an end with the continual help of the Iranian people. Let us all stay at home and help this fight!

Dr. Kevin Rod, President
Phoenix Project of Iran

29 March 2020