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Since the advent of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, the political environment has hindered the implementation of national policies based on technical expertise. This policy has impacted scientific reference and serious research-based evaluation of Iran’s socio-economic development needs, resulting in a declining economy, dwindling industrial infrastructure, increasing social tension and neglect of natural resources and environment, seriously hampering the aspirations of generations of Iranians while the population has doubled. We stand together as a united think-tank composed of forward thinking researchers, academic experts and technical managers, seeking peer-reviewed scientific and technological solutions to achieve the resurrection of prosperity, progress, and modernity for millions of young, educated Iranians which compose more than 50% of the population.


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To convey the true meaning of our Mission Statement and prevent an incorrect interpretation of our goals, we must scrupulously define and precisely analyze the meaning of the word “Politics”. Failure to clarify this concept will create confusion among our readers and lead to unwanted politicization of our mission among our critics.

Most dictionaries define Politics as “The art or science of government”, or more precisely, the ideology that a group or “Political Party” believes to be the best methodology for the governance and development of a specific society. Examples of such ideologies abound throughout history and their study forms a most important subset of social sciences, denoted by “Political Science”. It includes such familiar systems of government such as Democracy, Nationalism, Socialism, Communism, Monarchy or the “Governance by the Religious Leader” (Velayat Faghih) embraced by the Islamic Republic in Iran.

In contrast, when we speak of achieving happiness and well-being for humanity in general or a particular nation, such as Iran, we cannot restrict ourselves to follow any specific ideology because the realization of such superior goals is beyond the dictates of any political dogma. We believe that only a systematic scientific approach, reinforced by impartial, rational thinking is the only methodology that can guarantee the implementation and achievement of such noble and grand objectives.


Our members, volunteers, and donors are the fuel that power this organization. We can use free survey templates to constantly keep in touch with them, understand their expectations and work towards their satisfaction with this simple yet robust tool.